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Why advertise with Shepherd Publishing?

  • We always aim to safeguard and elevate the profile and credibility of
    our member associations and industry stakeholders
  • We play an important political role in promoting the industry across
    all three livestock sectors: sheep, beef and dairy
  • We only publish when there is a legitimate need to do so
  • We work closely with all industry organisations, stakeholders and
    associates involved in the UK livestock sector
  • Our publications represent the interests of their specific
    livestock sectors.
  • They maintain high credibility and aim to influence
    all interested parties.
  • They do so, they are well read, they remain very strong and they are retained for long periods of time
  • Your opportunity to cost effectively reach vitally important and identified target sectors
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February/March (Spring)
Forage Matters (Spring)

May/June (Summer)
Forage Matters (Summer)

August/September (Autumn)

November/December (Winter)

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April (Spring)
Forage Matters (Spring)

July (Summer)
Forage Matters (Summer)

October (Autumn)

December (Winter)

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March (Spring)
Forage Matters (Spring)

June (Summer)
Forage Matters (Summer)

September (Autumn)

December (Winter)


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